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In the world there always seems to be so much negativity hitting us from every angle. Sometimes it is difficult to see the beauty when the media is filled with hate. However, our world is a gem and is full dazzling wonders many of which are in our own backyard. Hello everyone my name is Clarence G. Moore and I endeavor to travel all 50 states and share, with you and others, the simplistic beauty of our country that many people overlook. At times we forget to look for the good through all of the negativity that surrounds so let’s take a step back to get a look at the whole picture one state at a time. As I travel the country I will share my story on youtube and facebook posting pictures, videos, and staring my experiences with all of you. When I return at the end of my nomadic journey I will publish a free kindle ebook detailing my journey across the country and hopefully brighten someone’s day. Thank you for hearing my story and any support you can provide for my adventurous project. All donations will be going towards traveling expenses, food and a quality camera/camcorder to share my experiences.

If you would like to support me please click here and visit my gofundme page.

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