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Publishing can be a confusing process handle on your own. Copyright, editing, formatting, and publishing, where do you start? GMSS is your local go to publishing company. We are here to help you through any level of the publishing process. Professional consulting, writing

 workshops and a staff dedicated to excellence. We will give you the tools to succeed. How do you publish and ebook? You start here!

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It is our mission to always provide the highest quality services for our clients.To never place quantity over quality. To always provide literary content worthy of our readers and fans.

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Do you want to start a website for your business? Do you need a content writer for to attract traffic to your site? GMSS Publishing specialized in the ever-growing need for online SEO optimized content. As an Internet based company. We can assist with virtually any need, whether it is in person or over the web. We pride ourselves on offering you the best possible experience.

What do we do?

It is our goal to assist our authors and give them the time and assurance larger companies will not. We will treat your masterpiece with the respect it deserves.

Guyton-Moore Strategic Services is an online international information broker and e-book publisher. We have built a community in helping others to achieve their goals. Whether it is traditional publishing (with publisher) or self-publishing. Our team is always available to work with

Paxton Gordon


There lives a civilization unknown by those outside of its existence. It cannot be located on any map or globe made by mortal men. It stands alone in a realm of pure chaos separated by god’s great divide, so that no temporal man of pure heart or willing mind would ever see its horrors. It is only known to those with crooked hearts and sinful lives as home. This realm, it has no name though those forced to live here call it Hell.

Watching the three supernaturally gifted heroines use their 'cursed' powers to help humanity and combat evil is something that I think most of us would desire if we had such abilities.



Extreme Horror with Adrenalin and Relentless Suspense !!!

Great book ...full of horror and excitement !!! Truly loved it. Wow..I'm just surprised it's not a movie quite yet !!!

-David Watkins- 



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